As we continuously experience several legislative changes concerning marijuana laws, it is only natural for the public to seek to receive additional information about New Jersey marijuana dispensaries, CBD edibles, or recreational marijuana. And this is why the New Jersey Cannabis Insider was created.

Their team aims to offer well-researched and scientific data concerning the policies, laws, politics, and any other news revolving the cannabis industry. Besides this, there are two significant events programmed to take place in New Jersey in 2020.

The first New Jersey Cannabis Insider Events Series will consist of a conference held in March 2020. The main topic for this event is the road to legalization, as plenty of issues came to light when the state of New Jersey attempted to legalize recreational marijuana. Overall, this event promises to get its audience access to well-researched, accurate, acanand in-depth information about the existing landscape of marijuana legalization in New Jersey, along with how CBD edibles are viewed in 2020. Also, attendees will get the chance to receive an update on the Garden State Market. This means that everyone interested in application requests, licenses, the Cannabis Regulatory Commission, or the November ballot referendum is welcomed to participate.

The conference held in March will answer all queries and offer additional information about such events. Also, in March, the topic of how the Department of Health manages applications for New Jersey marijuana businesses will be thoroughly discussed. This is a topic of interest for many residents of New Jersey, as the constant shift in legislation led to confusion concerning how the Department of Health deems a business eligible for distributing recreational marijuana or CBD edibles. Anyhow, the main focus of this NJ March Conference is about the New Jersey marijuana dispensaries and the medical cannabis used in the state. As such, many medical practitioners are expected to attend and participate in an open debate on the topic of recent cannabis research and how it impacts the marijuana legislation.

Besides this, there will be another conference organized in November 2020, as soon as the ballot is finished, so that the new legislation will be thoroughly analyzed. Moreover, those interested in the topic of recreational marijuana, CBD edibles, or anything related to New Jersey marijuana dispensaries can always attend several monthly meetups organized all over New Jersey with local cannabis communities.

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These monthly conferences are meant to keep the community informed about CBD edibles and any other topic related to marijuana and its legal concerns. The topics for the monthly meetups differ slightly from one event to another, but in most situations, the speakers consist of officials, such as cannabis attorneys or the Department of Health representatives. You can find all the information you need on NJ Cannabis Insider’s website, as constant updates and information about the coming events are shared there. Besides, you can join their community by subscribing to their website.