Vaping seems to be the new alternative for cigarette, and many people are advised to move to e-cigars. It might seem to have some benefits, but it also has its disadvantages. The vaping industry is relatively new, and there are only a handful of studies about the vaping techniques. Most of the reviews you find online are the reviews posted by users, and most of that is not scientifically proven. The following are some of the disadvantages of vaping:

Vaping does not stop your addiction:

People often tell that vaping will stop your addiction to nicotine, but it actually helps you control your addiction but does not completely stop your addiction. To quit smoking and fight the addiction you will have to go through a lot of other challenges.

Vaping attracts non-smokers to smoke:

Since vaping is portrayed as something which is so good, many non-smokers try vaping and end up being addicted to nicotine. E-cigars were mostly created for tobacco smokers to help them quit smoking. But unfortunately, the marketers sell their products in a way which will make even the non-smokers to smoke. Most of the e-cigars contain nicotine and you might not even be a smoker but when you try our nicotine vaping you might be getting addicted to it without even knowing that you are getting addicted.

Needs cleaning and maintenance:

You will have to clean your device and maintain it properly otherwise you will have to spend on another device which is pretty expensive. You also have to careful not to drop the device as it might break.


There are a lot of flavours that are used in the e-liquid. Some of them even have flavours like chocolate, coconut, fruits, cotton candy etc. Some people are allergic to such liquid, and it is better not to use them.

Battery safety:

Even though most vaping devices are made extremely safe, there have been cases where the rechargeable batteries resulted in injury when it was misused. You also have to constantly charge the device.

Dry mouth:

Vaping gives you a dry mouth, and you will want to keep drinking water to prevent having a dry mouth.

Vaping was mainly created to help smokers to quit smoking. But unfortunately, vaping cannot help a smoker to stop quitting completely. However, it can reduce his/her exposure to nicotine. It also helps them to battle their addiction and prevents them from taking a higher dosage of nicotine. Though vaping might have some notable disadvantages and the industry might be quite new in the market, but it still has plenty of advantages.

Thus, if you know someone who is addicted to tobacco smoking and can’t quit, you can introduce vaping to them. Though it will not make them completely quit smoking, it will reduce their exposure to nicotine.