CBD edibles

Although there are many studies and researches being carried out in order to determine the effectiveness of CBD as a therapeutic aid for cancer, initial medical test results show that CBD may actually be beneficial for cancer patients as it has the ability to completely stop the growth of cancer cells.

Several researches that have been conducted using animals as well as lab petri dishes suggest that CBD may also have the ability to reduce the spread of some certain types of cancer. Still, it is stated in most of the tests that more research is required to establish the effectiveness of CBD for cancer.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is basically a group of diseases that are characterized by an abnormal growth of cells. There are over 100 types of cancer, from breast and skin cancer to mouth and lung cancer. Cancer affects several different parts of the body and is commonly caused by various environmental factors. However, some certain types of cancer could also be caused by genetic component.

Millions of people all over the world are diagnosed with cancer every year and millions of people die from it. It’s a serious topic of research of medical communities and many medical experts think that CBD could hold the key to at least controlling cancer cell growth, if not completely curing it.

How CBD Might Control Cancer Cell Growth

CBD edibles

CB2 receptors in our body are home to the immune system. CBD and CBD edibles gravitate towards these receptors in the spleen. CBD helps to naturally activate CB2 receptors because it is biomimetic to the body’s anandamide. CB2 receptors activate the immune system. The mimetic CBD is activated whenever a stress, illness, or injury demands more from anandamide than the body is able to produce. The therapeutic aid will be transitory if there is transitory stress. If this demand remains, such as during cancer, the therapeutic aid provides a continuous pressure of modulating agent on a homeostatic system.

How exactly does this help with controlling cell growth? Well, CBD seeks out cancer cells and destroy them once it gravitates towards the CB2 receptors. In fact, researches have shown that CBD is capable of destroying cancer cells without any involvement of immune intermediaries. This is because it can inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors directly by hijacking the lipoxygenase pathway.

Potential Positive Effects of Using CBD for Cancer Patients

CBD edibles

The key advantage of using CBD to relieve the symptoms of cancer is the fact that CBD edibles like CBD chocolate, gummies, or other CBD products don’t have any side effects that are usually associated with strong chemical medications. Not to mention CBD doesn’t make you ‘high’ or loopy either. You can expect to have a series of positive effects by consuming CBD edibles. Such as:
• Speeding up the body’s disposal mechanism or autophagy which can cause the death of cells.
• Reducing cancer cell growth throughout the body.
• Preventing tumor growth in the new blood vessels.
• Preventing unhealthy cell division.
• Triggering the death of cancer cells.

CBD helps to achieve all these effects by gravitating towards CB2 receptors. Although more research is required, preliminary evidence suggests that CBD edibles like CBD chocolate, brownies, etc. can be highly effective for cancer patients.

What to Consider Before Taking CBD

Although the evidence promotes the effectiveness of CBD for cancer patients, one should always make critical medical decisions on the basis of the needs of each patient. Therefore, you should consult your doctor first before using CBD for cancer. While you may believe that there are no side effects of consuming a CBD chocolate, your doctor will be aware of your use of CBD products and might recommend against it depending on the situation.


CBD edibles

In conclusion, CBD can be highly beneficial for those fighting cancer as well as the side effects caused by radiation therapies and chemotherapy. With the addition of CBD edibles to your regular course of treatment, you can find relief from various uncomfortable symptoms of cancer and find yourself able to embrace life a little more every day. However, one should always consult with their doctor before adding a new product into their diet or before starting a new regimen.

Keep in mind that CBD should not be used in place of other cancer treatment. While the effects of CBD seem promising for cancer patients, more research is required into the potential risks and benefits of CBD, it’s administration, dosing, as well as how it affects other cancer therapies.