You decided to go to bed early and even switch off your phone so you could sleep but you still failed? You often have a hard time sleeping and suffer from chronic Insomnia? Well, the good news is that now you can try CBD if you are unable to sleep and it may help you sleep or sleep better. The research on the ability of CBD nasal sprays and edibles to make you sleep is still going on and we do not have any solid proves yet but there is no harm in trying! 

How Does It Work? 
Cannabidiol is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant and is known to help keep your body stable, balanced or in homeostasis. It is not like THC and will not make you high. You will feel relaxed and calm on its usage and it has various other health benefits also. There are various things that can contribute to your inability to sleep on time. It is important to first understand the causes before you can come to the solutions.

You may be unable to sleep because of: 

1) Mental health problems such as anxiety, depression or PTSD.

2) The medicines you take.

3) Physical problems such as pain in body

4) Consumption of caffeine late at night or just before going to sleep.

5) Any external factor such as loud noise that may cause you discomfort. 

If you are unable to sleep because of external or related factors such as intake of caffeine at night CBD may help you in making you fall asleep. Some research also says that CBD is capable of treating mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

A research was done in 2019 where 119 subjects were taken out which 72 has anxiety and 47 had problems with sleeping. They were given a capsule of CBD every day and it was reported that after one month of consumption of the capsule 79% of patients said that their anxiety has reduced to a great extent and 67% reported that they had been able to sleep very well for a month.  

As mentioned above Pain is also one of the major causes of sleeplessness and CBD can be helpful in this regard as well. A 2018 research in Pharmacology proved that CBD helps in soothing pain and relaxing the body. It can help in reducing chronic pain and discomfort which eventually helps you to sleep better.

 A research done in 2014 noted that CBD may also be very useful in treating RBD i.e. a disorder when a person gets too much into his dreams and starts acting them out. A person suffering from RBD usually has difficulty in sleeping because he tends to have nightmares. 

CBD oils are abundantly available in the market and since various researches have proved that they help in curing sleeplessness by relaxing your mind, your body, help cure depression and anxiety and even help cure RBD then there is no harm in trying it out nasal sprays, capsules, and edibles for the sake of sleeping better at night.